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H2O4TEXAS Coalition salutes 84th Legislature’s passage of Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) legislation

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Recent, record-setting rainfall stark reminder of Texas’ cyclical weather patterns, critical need to manage water supplies in times of rainfall and drought (more…)

Historic TWDB appointments confirmed by Texas Senate, Our Water Story grows, follow us today

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The Texas Senate today confirmed the appointments of the Texas Water Development Board’s first panel of full-time directors.  After the board was restructured by the 83rd Texas Legislature, the three (more…)

The H2O4TEXAS Coalition is proud to present our new educational media series, Our Water Story

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By harnessing the power of real water stories from across the great State of Texas, this ongoing initiative will inspire Texans to take part in the development of our state’s water supplies. (more…)

84th Session Commences with Renewed Commitment to H2O

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Following the 83rd Legislature’s historic investment in water, 84th Session commences with continued commitment to state’s water supply

Yesterday’s kickoff of the 84th Texas Legislature was surrounded by buzz that water would once again be a top priority for lawmakers.

Opening day speeches included references to the state’s continued commitment to water, a Texas Monthly profile of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus included confirmation by the Speaker that water would continue to be a priority for the Texas Legislature, and an editorial in the Waco Tribune Herald suggested that lawmakers take, “a more proactive role in executing the state water plan, which projects that as our state population increases by 82 percent by 2060, we’ll actually have 10 percent less water.”

The Trib’s editorial board continued, “Scrutiny of projects benefiting from state loans, much greater authority for state-created groundwater districts and aggressive strategies for water conservation must be part of the long-term package.”

Policy changes, protecting our investment, and making state water plan implementation work

The H2O4TEXAS Coalition, which counts among its partners water providers, water customers, and representatives of the state’s most powerful economic drivers — including the oil and gas industry, agriculture, manufacturing, local governments, electricity production, economic development organizations, and more — will continue our water work during the upcoming session.

After winning the Legislature’s investment in our State Water Plan during the last legislative session, our focus during the 84th Session will be protecting that investment, and ensuring that the Texas Water Development Board and their borrowers have the policy tools they need to make State Water Plan implementation work.

Texas Water Development Board DEADLINE APPROACHING

Please be aware that the deadline for submitting abridged SWIFT funding applications is only 3 weeks away. Learn more here, or contact the agency for additional details.

Welcome to our new partners!

Learn more about Benbrook Water Authority and Sledge Fancher, PLLC, by clicking their logos below:

Benbrook Water AuthoritySledge-Logo_PMS-280

TWDB Drought Update for Week of July 18, 2014

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Drought expanded about two percentage points last week, and state-wide reservoir levels decreased about 50,000 acre-feet. The new drought outlook through the end of October suggests improving conditions in the Panhandle and the northernmost part of the state but continuing and developing drought in much of west, central, and south Texas. The rains late last week will likely result in drought and reservoir improvements for this week. (more…)

H2O4TEXAS: 83rd Texas Legislature makes H2O history, establishes legacy

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Sixteen years after Texas’ nationally acclaimed water planning process was created, Texas voters will finally be given the opportunity to approve implementation of our State Water Plan

The H2O4TEXAS Coalition is honored to announce that the 83rd Texas Legislature has established its legacy by giving Texas voters the opportunity to implement our State Water Plan at the ballot box this November.

Through the package of legislation listed below, the 83rd Texas Legislature set up a historic revolving loan program available to governmental entities sponsoring local water projects, provided Texas voters the opportunity to approve a fiscally responsible investment in our water future, and dedicated $2 billion to finance the loan program, if voters approve the proposition in November:

HB 4Ritter/Fraser (Passed by House and Senate. Sent to the Governor.)

SJR 1Williams/Pitts (Passed by House and Senate. Sent to Texas voters.) (For more information, see “Onward to the November election” below.)

HB 1025 – Pitts/Williams (Passed by House and Senate. Sent to the Governor.)

This historic package of legislation will help protect public health and our economy from the devastating impacts of drought.

Thank you to the Texas Legislature and staff

Thank you and congratulations to Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Speaker Joe Straus, Sen. Tommy Williams, Rep. Jim Pitts, Sen. Troy Fraser, Rep. Allan Ritter, and the many, dedicated staff members who helped these statesmen provide water for generations of Texans. We are grateful for your leadership!

Thank you to all members of the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives. We salute your fiscally responsible commitment to drought management, without which public health and our economy would be irrevocably harmed.

Thank you to our diverse coalition sponsors

The H2O4TEXAS Coalition began three years ago with a lone sponsor, the Texas Municipal League. Since that time, the coalition has grown to nearly 80 diverse stakeholders representing water providers and water customers, including the energy industry, agriculture, conservation, electricity generation, manufacturing, real estate, homebuilders, and local chambers of commerce.

We are grateful for our sponsors’ support, and we salute their commitment to providing water for generations of Texans.

Onward to the November election

SJR 1 will give voters the opportunity to say “Yes” to water through a constitutional amendment proposition that will appear on the General Election ballot this November.

H2O4TEXAS Advocacy has already mobilized for the upcoming election.

In the coming months, we will be holding a series of events designed to educate Texans about the fiscally responsible opportunity to implement our State Water Plan that the constitutional amendment provides.

Support us

Winning the Texas Legislature’s approval of this historic package of water legislation was only one step in our ongoing efforts to implement our State Water Plan.

Between now and November, we’re going to need help educating Texans statewide about the opportunity that will be presented to them on November’s ballot.

To learn more about your opportunity to sponsor H2O4TEXAS Advocacy’s educational efforts, please contact Heather Harward at P.O. Box 10403, Austin, Texas, 78766. Or, call her at 512-826-7490.

Your support will increase our chances of success.

Your support is an investment in the future of Texas.

Stay Tuned

We will be hosting an exciting event to recognize the leaders responsible for this water funding legislation, and to celebrate this historic opportunity for our state.

Details to follow. Stay tuned!!

H2O4TEXAS: Water’s Waited Too Long

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Sixteen years after Texas designed our nationally acclaimed water-planning process, State Water Plan remains unfunded


In 2011, Texas suffered the worst single-year drought in our state’s history. The drought continues today, threatening public health and costing Texans billions of dollars in lost income annually.

Given the devastating impacts of drought, it is no surprise that employers, mayors, and an unprecedented coalition of diverse stakeholders have come together to say that water’s waited too long.

Texans are talking every day about drought and water.  Give Texans the opportunity to make a one-time investment that will provide water for generations.



Drought is every Texan’s issue!!!

H2O4TEXAS: Fraser wins unanimous committee approval of historic water financing legislation

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SB 4 and HB 4 create SWIFT, breathe certainty into water planning and water financing processes

State Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay), who serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, yesterday won the committee’s unanimous approval of House Bill 4 and Senate Bill 4.

This historic and visionary legislation would create the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) – a water infrastructure bank that operates as a revolving fund for financing projects included in the State Water Plan.

In 2011, Texas suffered the worst single-year drought in our state’s history.  That drought continues today, costing Texans billions in lost income annually. House Bill 4 would be used to implement State Water Plan projects, preserving public health and protecting our economy from the devastating impact of drought.

With a one-time, $2 billion investment, House Bill 4 would provide water for generations of Texans. To learn more, please review this one-pager on HB 4 and SB 4.

History of drought

If you are unfamiliar with Texas’ long history of drought, check out this useful resource/timeline, produced by H2O4TEXAS Coalition sponsor, Texas Water Resources Institute.

Please welcome our new sponsor

We are proud to welcome the Metroport Cities Partnership, a collection of communities in Tarrant and Denton counties committed to identifying and executing initiatives to enhance regional economic vitality and quality of life.

Want to help?

Less than 6 weeks remain in the 83rd Legislative Session, and we must do all we can to alert Texans about the opportunity to preserve public health and protect our state from the economic impacts of drought.

Please share this email with 5 Texans in your network who care about our state’s water future.  Or, share our social media-friendly educational tools with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Our children and our children’s children will thank you for it.

After all, this one-time investment will produce water for generations.

Thank you!!!

H2O4TEXAS News: State Water Plan funding bills to be heard in committee on MONDAY

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Register your support for HB 11 and SB 22 – $2 billion investment in the financing of our State Water Plan – a one-time investment, water for generations

On Monday, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform will meet to hear House Bill 11, by Rep. Allan Ritter (R-Nederland), and the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Fiscal Matters will meet to hear Senate Bill 22, by Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay).  These historic bills would invest $2 billion from the Economic Stabilization Fund in the financing of critical local water projects identified in our State Water Plan.

The investment made by these bills will protect us from the economic impacts of drought and provide water for generations.

In 2011, Texas suffered the worst, single-year drought in our state’s history.  The drought continues, costing us billions of dollars in economic losses annually.

Unlike other important funding decisions facing the state, such as public education and transportation infrastructure, this one-time investment in water would not have to be matched with new funds legislation session after legislative session. A one-time investment, water for generations!

Our State Water Plan is driven by local concerns and local decisions, and every $1 billion in financial assistance for state water plan projects will generate an estimated $1.75 billion in sales revenues, create $888.8 million in state gross domestic product, add $43.9 million in state and local tax receipts, and create or support more than 13,000 jobs across the state.

Please register your SUPPORT for HB 11 (committee agenda) and SB 22 (committee agenda)!

New sponsors

The H2O4TEXAS Coalition is very proud to welcome our newest sponsors:

Trinity River Authority of Texas
North Texas Commission

Thank you, and welcome!!!

North Texas Commission Water Summit

Our executive director, Heather Harward, spoke at the North Texas Commission’s Water Summit last week.  Here’s an excerpt from a Dallas Business Journal article that reported on NTC’s well-attended event:

“Without water, as you all know, the ability to do business in this state today and the ability to attract new businesses to the state in the future will absolutely be crippled,” Harward told the hundreds of city officials and others gathered at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriot in Irving. “Not to mention that it’s the most basic fundamental component of human life, public health.” 
Yes, you can help

As always, we cannot help advance critical water plan funding without your support.

Would you please share this post with 3 family members, friends, neighbors or coworkers who share your commitment to implementation of our State Water Plan?

Thank you!

Latest News From H2O4TEXAS

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Please join Chairmen Fraser, Williams, Ritter and Pitts as they engage in a public water forum entitled, Financing the Solution.

The event, which will also feature Lewis McMahan of the Texas Water Development Board, will be held on Wednesday January 23 from 2-4 pm in the Capitol Auditorium.  Charles Porter — local author, professor and water rights expert — will moderate the discussion.

For more information and the opportunity to register for this public forum, please click here.   If you are not a member of the Austin Board of Realtors, you should use this link to register.